_.:Showme Kenobi:._ (awoehler) wrote in off_the_hook,
_.:Showme Kenobi:._

Dennis Miller is Off the Fucking Hook, Yo!

From His Most Recent Rant on HBO:

And by the way, if anybody who resembles that goofy asshole with the shoe bomb ever sits down next to me on a plane,I'm gonna call the stewardess over and say, "Hey, unless this jagoff is the harmonica player for J. Geils, get him off the fucking plane."


As for what many are calling racial profiling in the aftermath of September 11th, well, get ready to be pissed off, you ACLU-Fucking-Morons, we're dealing with a massive threat and limited manpower, so, you want them to check everybody out equally? Sure, fine okay, but let's at least compromise and put the Swedish dwarf a little further down the list than the Iraqi explosives expert carrying a Belgian passport with more eraser marks on it than Kid Rock's trig final. Hey, by the way, to the parents of John Walker Lindh . When your kid comes home with the Giovanni Ribisi facial hair, sporting a desert beanie and referring to the Mrs. as an "Unclean Whore," it might be time to step up with a little tough love.
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