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_.:Showme Kenobi:._

This is all off the hook yo!

Britney Was Caught Smoking in Australia... just days after Justin says she's not a virgin and "he should know.":

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Justin said that?
THAT is priceless.
To quote a great line from a great movie, spoken by Brad Pitt:

"Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart..."
-Fight Club
I laughed SO HARD at both of those articles! Guess she's not such a good girl after all. Not that we all didn't know that already!
I wasn't looking at the cigarette.
if you punch up the gamma on the pic you can see ass cheek...
dope. I saw it.

I want to see her un-virgin coochie.
I'll wager that it's shaved....
I'll wager its PINK.
I'll wager she's just as retarded at using that thing as she is at being a hyprocritical half wit with her career.
we all anxiously await her Playboy spread that will be her desparate attempt to resurrect her career.
I have a feeling you have less than five years to wait. I guess I wouldn't have a problem with Britney if :

a. She had talent beyond her stripper like qualities.
b. She was realistic instead of trying to be a hypocritical role model.
c. She had real attributes and not just silicone.
d. Her voice alone didn't make me want to shoot myself.

It's okay, though. Stars with her sort of "success" are short lived and laughed at, although popular. It's been one scandal after another challenging her "good girl" image, and I think that's half of society's fascination with her. Well, that and the processed body, which I have to admit-- looks good.

I'm anxiously awaiting the Playboy spread as well. Guys can finally get their rocks off to her and maybe then I won't have to hear about her anymore! ;)
we crack me up!