King Joe the Wicked (thewalkingman) wrote in off_the_hook,
King Joe the Wicked

a favor

hello, this is Joe (the guy who used to write billiam, who was a member of this comunity) and I've got a project I'm working on... 033102: Ask no questions, give no answers, pass it along. Dat iz all and I was wondering if anyone would mind helping me promote it. It's getting down to the wife, time wise, and I want to try and get a good buzz going for it.

thank you kindly
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but whats it all mean?
that's the problem... i can't really tell ya. Not yet at least. that's the whole deal.

ask no questions
give no answers
pass it along
dat iz all

t-minus five days

it's kinda like fight club. the first rule of 033102 is that you do not talk about 033102

but it is worth it. I think so at least. all will be revealed eventually
is that the date the world is going to end?

i'll join your cult
I always wondered who was behind that.